Fuchun Resort, Hangzhou


Project Name:
Fuchun Resort

Fuyang City, Hangzhou

Our Contribution: 

David was very proud for the experience he gained from the planning, construction and running the management of The Resort.

Project Description:

Fuchun Resort is China’s first top-class luxury resort to present a true representation of the Southern Song architectural style coupled with the art of modern architecture. The Resort is located in Fuyang City, Hangzhou. Accommodations include 70 rooms and suites in the Hotel, 12 lakeside villas that offer 20 guestrooms, and 5 Fuchun Villas of 20 rooms in all, for a grand total of 110 available guestrooms at Fuchun Resort.

Every guest room is designed and styled by renowned architects, facing either the lake or the mountains. Particularly thoughtful attention is paid to all the details of every room, allowing you to be immersed in the relaxing holiday atmosphere of the Jiangnan terrain.